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  • A heavy machine operator is the person who is in charge of paving, surfacing, pile driving, moving materials, forklift operating, and other related tasks.
  • Heavy machine operators are required to operate these machines in order to complete a specific task, care for these machines, and often repair and maintain these machines as well.
  • Heavy machine operators are also required to keep themselves, the machine, and other working on the project safe around these heavy machines, so they’re required to abide by strict guidelines and procedures in order to accomplish this.
  • The key responsibilities of heavy equipment operators at work is to control and operate the various machines that move earth, freight, or other materials, and operate construction equipment according to safety standards.
  • Heavy equipment operators typically prepare sites for construction or maintenance, using machinery.
  • Duties
  • orchestrating heavy machines to accomplish tasks
  • keeping equipment clean
  • making minor repairs to equipment
  • coordinating safety
  • notify supervisors about mechanical malfunctions
  • coordinate activities with all other members of the crew
  • operating heavy equipment such as back-hoes and bulldozers to lift, move, or place equipment
  • mechanical skills that include familiarity with power tools and hand tools, as well as equipment care
  • mathematical skills that include the ability or perform calculations based on weight and mass.
  • communication skills that are both written and oral to work effectively with employers, clients, and coworkers safely
  • clear or level land
  • have accurate hand, eye, foot, coordination that’s required to operate equipment with precision
  • physical strength to lift over 50 ponds
  • pick up earth, rock, sand, gravel, snow, then move and dump it
  • control height and angle of grader blades to spread earth and other materials
  • use attachments to dump materials, dig trenches, load materials, break rocks, concrete, and more
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