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High-end Earners in
North Carolina ( Top 10% )
median annual wage
median hourly wage
  • What do they typically do:
  • Repair or replace worn parts such as brake pads and wheel bearings
  • Identify mechanical problems, often by using computerized diagnostic equipment
  • Explain to clients their automotive problems and the repairs done on their vehicles
  • Perform basic care and maintenance, including changing oil, giving tuneups, checking fluid levels, and rotating tires
  • Talk with customers to get descriptions of vehicle problems and to discuss work to be performed and future repair requirements
  • Follow checklists to ensure that all critical parts are examined
  • Disassemble and reassemble parts
  • Test parts and systems to ensure that they are working properly
North Carolina Job Outlook
Average annual job openings
Number of jobs by 2030
Expected growth from 2024 to 2030